Posted by: unionistsnotconservatives | March 4, 2009

Orangemen Banned from UCUNF

A post from the DUP website, I would be interested in any offical response from my party.



  1. A statement was read on Radio Ulster confirming that this is nonsense.

    • The members of the Tories who are quoted do not seem to think so , once again, from the continuing debacle with the website to this it seems the Tories and trying to call all the shots.



    • Seems the split between the UUP and Tories is growing. GOOD!

  3. Did you read the statement?

    Talking rubbish again.

  4. Despite the statement, and I say this as a member of the ILOI and as a former Chairman of Wolverhampton SW Conservative & Unionist Association (though no longer a Tory Party member, and now resident in NI again), does anyone really believe that the Tories will allow any member of the Loyal Orders to pass a Parliamentary Assessment Board (PAB), a requirement to join the Candidates’ List?

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