Posted by: unionistsnotconservatives | March 5, 2009

Anti-Tory not Pro-DUP

Comments by some would suggest this is a pro-dup site, if i have given that impression I AM SORRY

However I AM NOT SORRY for being anti-Tory. The Tories have been bad for Ulster and for the UK.

The purpose is to highlight the folly of a tieup with the Conservatives.



  1. Are you a member of the DUP?

  2. frustrated democrat, it’s obvious that unionistsnotconservatives is not a member of the DUP.

    The blogger is clearly a loyal UUP member who does not see the Tory link-up as a viable electoral strategy for the UUP (although it may bring in funds from London to the party).

    Remember what happened to the Conservatives in Scotland – especially Glasgow – when they use to win many seats under the Unionist name and logo?

    “He who forgets the past…”

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