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Im Back

and just in time i see.

Cameron has finally confirmed what many have said

In the first few months of a Conservative government he will slash
spending here.

Below are a few audio links.

First from Cameron and the second from Lord Kilclooney.

Lord Kilclooney confirms what many believe that the UUP are in a shambles over policing and disastrous cuts are on the way from their tory partners.

David Cameron

Lord Kilclooney

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Jeffrey Peel Statement

Just getting round to posting this in full – still good reading. Unless you’re in favour of the Tory Takeover


Jeffrey Peel Statement

Today, as Vice Chairman of the NI Area of the Conservatives, I took the decision to resign from the Joint Committee set up between the Conservatives and the Ulster Unionist Party. The purpose of this email is to explain why.

Last Thursday evening both the UUP and Conservatives NI area councils met to agree a paper from the joint committee of the UUP and Conservatives. The most substantive element of this paper was the name that the two parties would campaign under. The proposed name in the paper (Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force) was essentially an arrangement to ensure that the paper would be passed by the UUP council. The Conservatives received assurances via email from David Campbell, Chairman of the UUP, prior to the Council meeting, making clear that despite the wording in the paper, the only name that would be used for campaigning purposes would a “short form” of the name i.e. Conservatives and Unionists.

It was also made clear to the UUP in the joint council meetings that the only branding that would be acceptable would be the regional form of the official Conservative ‘tree’ logo device, and the Conservatives and Unionists typography in the official Conservatives in NI colours. Therefore we took the email to mean that the UUP had accepted the short form name and branding. Our Area Council was briefed to this effect and passed the paper. The UUP Council also passed the paper (with no dissent). As Conservatives we wished to ensure that branding reflected the non-sectarian and national nature of our joint initiative – with successful candidates taking the Conservative whip in Europe and in Westminster.

It was agreed by both sides that there would be NO media briefings on the Thursday evening. However, this deal was broken by the UUP who briefed the media on the long form version of the name – despite assurances to us that the short form version would be used. The local and national media coverage only featured the long form version of the name that was NOT agreed by our side.

As a result of this, it was agreed by our side that we would release a logo featuring the correct short form branding.

The UUP complained bitterly that we had released this branding. At a joint media conference held last Friday the UUP insisted that we remove all logos from display material. Moreover the UUP has continued using the long form version of the name in media releases despite assurances that the only naming to be used was to be Conservatives and Unionists.

As a result of this, I have come to the conclusion that the UUP does not have the interests of Conservatism at heart. Rather, as the UUP is facing a severe financial crisis, it sees the Conservatives as a means out of its financial and electoral woes. Many UUP members (although by no means all) still adopt a little Ulster mentality when it comes to politics, and the Party’s only MP is simply not a Conservative.

It is for these reasons that I have taken the decision to resign from the Joint Committee. Although I’d like to make clear that I am NOT resigning from the Conservative Party and am NOT resigning as Vice Chairman of the Conservatives in Northern Ireland. I fully support the Conservative Party under the leadership of David Cameron and I hope to see it elected to government after the next general election. I would encourage the Party to seek a mandate to govern every part of the United Kingdom without entering into deals with other political parties.

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Recent Murders

I have deliberately avioded blogging since the latest terrorist attacks happened. I despise the Tories but recognise there is a time to let things lie.

My thoughts and prayers are with the families of all the victims and I hope that the perpetrators are caught soon.

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New Force is a New Farce

With the resignation of Jeff Peel from the Joint Committee, and his subsequent email, the pressure on this pointless venture is increasing – hopefully to breaking point

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Anti-Tory not Pro-DUP

Comments by some would suggest this is a pro-dup site, if i have given that impression I AM SORRY

However I AM NOT SORRY for being anti-Tory. The Tories have been bad for Ulster and for the UK.

The purpose is to highlight the folly of a tieup with the Conservatives.

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Tory NI Website Shutting down.

The Conservative NI site is shutting down with the message:

“I’d like to thank all of you have been so involved in the Conservatives in Northern Ireland web site and blog over the last few years.  But it’s now the end of the line.  Soon, our team in CCHQ will be rolling out a new Northern Ireland web presence – taking the burden off my shoulders. 

I will be suspending this site shortly. 

It has been fun – many thanks for your comments and support over the last 3 years.”




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Ulster Unionists – Now The Party of Spending Cuts

This is a follow up to what some have mentioned in the last few days. Because of the tie up with the Tories, the UUP are now effectively calling for the NI budget to be cut.

The Tories have said from next year they will not match Labours spending plans which means cuts in public services. I wonder if the someone from the party will tell us what services are likely to be cut by a Tory government

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UUP and Tories standing under different names

here is the UUP response which highlights the growing chasm between them and the Tories of members of the Orange Order:

Membership of the Loyal Orders will not be a barrier

Following an inacurate statement by the DUP’s Peter Weir which stated that members of the Orange Institution would not be allowed to seek selection the UUP and Conservatives have said;

“Neither the Ulster Unionist Party nor the Conservative Party has any objection to members of any of the Loyal Orders either being members of, or seeking membership of their respective parties.

“Furthermore, when it comes to the selection of candidates to stand under the ‘Ulster Conservatives and Unionists–New Force’ banner, membership of the Loyal Orders will not be a barrier.

“The comments referred to by the DUP are the comments of an individual and are not the view of the UUP-Conservative Joint Working Group.




I would just like to highlight one sentence:

Furthermore, when it comes to the selection of candidates to stand under the ‘Ulster Conservatives and Unionists–New Force’ banner

According to the Tories, candidates will be running as Conservatives and Unionists not “Ulster Conservatives and Unionists – New Force”.

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Orangemen Banned from UCUNF

A post from the DUP website, I would be interested in any offical response from my party.

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Tories Messing With Devolution

Just read this on the BBC about the transfer of policing and justice:

I would like to highlight this part “The Conservatives want the NI secretary to assume transferred policing and justice powers if parties cannot agree. ”

The conservatives have NO electoral mandate in Northern Ireland. The transfer of P+J is up to the local elected parties. THe Tories should keep thier unwelcome noses out of things that dont concern them.

If the parties want the SOS to take these power then thats for them not for the Tories to dictate

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